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Who's your Senshi?
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WHO'S YOUR SENSHI? :iconwhosyoursenshi: WHO'S YOUR SENSHI?

This group was created to reunite every Otaku Senshi in the Sailor Moon fandom. There is a place where you can submit artworks, biographies or fanfics. It's all here for us all to discover and share about our characters.

***********So tell me, who's your Senshi?***********


What material do you use for creating your linearts?

I use a V5 or V7 Ballgrip Liquid Ink Pen. I always do my lines traditionally. There are many criteria that define the reason I am going to choose a pen of a brand over another. First, it is very important for me that ink dries fast, no matter what paper I use. I am used to lining and because of it I work fast so I expect my product to respond to my speed. Also, when a line work is finished, I usually scan it right away if I want to color it digitally. I couldn't do that if my lines took forever to dry. Other thing I don't like is when the ink bleeds too much. I make my lines smooth and clear and though I love my lines bold, if I choose a V5 tip over a V7 for lining my work it's mainly because I want my lines to be thinner in specific areas for working smaller details. Some V5 I've tried give the impression you are using a V7 or even larger.

What material do you use to color?

When coloring traditionally I use Touch Twin Brush Markers now. They're perfect for blending and got vibrant selection of colors. Usually you wouldn't hear that for me but for markers, I really appreciate the fact they don't dry to fast. It makes the blending of colors much easier to do. For the Touch Twin Brush Markers the paper I use is the Canson Pro Layout Marker. I love how those two products compose with each other since markers of this kind doesn't give the same result on every kind of paper.

I also color with colored pencils of different brands I choose depending on the colors I want. With colored pencils I will use any kind of paper I find except if I am looking for a specific texture in the end. And of course, some colored pencils have more saturate colors than others depending on the quality but the paper also does make a difference sometimes.

Talking digital coloring I first started with Sumo Paint Online about a year and a half ago. It was the first coloring program I ever tried for coloring my linearts but since some nice people made me discover GIMP last October or November, I must admit it helped me improve A LOT. I am quite satisfied with GIMP until now and the program is lightweight. I love the tools and how precise this program is compared to basic paint programs or Sumo Paint which I already thought wasn't all that bad. However, I would never go back to it now. Since I started discovering the digital coloring world, I've been coloring with a mouse. I just got my tablet lately; a Monoprice I am truly happy I bought! I am already getting used to playing with that thing hoping to improve more every day. If you never owned a tablet and are looking forward to buying one, it is definetely a product I would recommend since it's very easy to use, I love the texture, it is a good quality (I was surprised) and it really doesn't cost too expensive (This too I was surprised). If you want to try a tablet without paying a huge price, you should check it out and read reviews about the product as well. It's what made me opt for the Monoprice in first place. I bought a 10 x 6 inches and the surface is large enough to satisfy me.

What material do you use to paint?

Most of the time I will paint with acrylics because it dries fast and I love it that way. The paint I prefer in this kind is the thick one sold in tubes. It is very malleable and I can use it with a brush just as it is to get the optimum opacity or I can dilute it to work with a lighter product but also, I can use it with the palet knife and easily create textures with it. Blending, wheither I am using oil, acrylics, coffee... was never a problem for me. I just got to blend the colors faster with acrylics since it dries faster obviousely. The best part is cleaning time! So easy and quick to compare with cleaning brushes full of oil paint!

I still use oil paint sometimes. I'm not a big fan but when I got time ahead of me then why not make things differently! When I paint with oils I can take my time... all the time I want! I very rarely feel like relaxing while I'm creating something. Most of the time when I use oil it's when I'm on vacations during summer time. What is fun is I can do it outside what I don't necessarly do with acrylics because it dries too fast.

Sharpie Oil based paint markers! I love them when I want to create the drawing looking kind of painting on canvas. Different tip sizes are available and is very easy to work with and... It dries fast! They allow you to draw clean and clear lines and you can work with different layers. Oh, before I forget, the Extra-Fine tip is the only size I wouldn't recommend as I had problems with almost 50% of the pens I bought. Other sizes are great, just not the extra-fine. I believe the product probably is too thick for the tip and it cause more problems than satisfaction in the very end.

I paint with coffee too! I actually love the sepia atmosphere this gives. It's not very complicated to work with. I simply take an empty icecube maker and put a teaspoon of instant coffee in each hole and pour different quantities of water in each to create different opacities. After that I paint creating lighter and darkers shadows. When it's dry, I usually add color for only the eyes for example using a bit of acrylics diluted in water to create a watercolor effect. I love working with coffee but I tend to use all the rest more; I don't know why.

Do you take request/art trades/collabs? Do you do gifts?

I used to take a lot of requests and I must admit I am not sure when I will do this again because since I wanted to be fair with everyone, I said yes to everyone and ended up doing much more than I would have expected almost forgetting about myself sometimes. Plus, I am a very spontaneous person and I prefer doing things that inspires me at a specific moment which could change the very next day. Other thing is I don't feel all that free when doing something for someone else that asked for something specific and since I get nothing from it on my side, I find it a bit deceiving when I said I would do something for someone and suddenly am not really inspired anymore and do it anyways... I then feel like it shows through my artwork that I tried to do it as fast as I could just to get rid of it, which is definetely NOT GOOD. It's a bit hard to explain, overall I'm more the kind to have a sudden inspiration and do what I like, even if it was for someone else... I need a bit of FREEDOM. I still have to admit that time was a good experience and it gave me the chance to practice a lot but today my plan is to do less works but of better quality which mean I can't take all the requests. I'm at a point where I want to push myself to the best I can be and if I want to improve, I have to give all of me into this and I don't wish to put so much effort in responding a random request. I love giving art for other people but I feel it must come from me. I am maybe wrong but I also think people appreciate gifts more than things they asked for.

As for art trades, I am always open to propositions. I love doing them because it allows me to see a character of mine in another artist's style. I love to give but knowing someone is doing something for me at the same time is also very exciting. I usually find it more easy to put effort in a work when I know someone will put effort into a work they are going to make for me.

About the collabs. If both artists are inspired into doing a collaboration I say; Why not? I've done a few collabs already and was pretty happy with them. Most of the time people color my linearts and I even added a collection in my gallery for all my linearts which I named ''Coloring Book''. Everyone is allowed to color them as long as they credit me for the lineart. If you want to propose any other kind of collaboration, let's talk about it and see what we can create together!

I also love making gifts and I mean LOVE making gifts. However, gifts are very different in my mind from a request. A gift isn't something you give because someone asked for it, it comes from the heart and I also do it because a character or another of yours inspires me. Some people here and there will sometime receive gifts from me because I admire them and not always for their art skills but also for their personality and such. Of course, before drawing anything for anyone I will always ask if they are okay with me drawing their character. I think it is important to respect the other person as well as he or she may not always like to have another person draw their character for a reason or another. Know that everytime I draw something for someone I credit the person for the character I decided to use for creating my artwork. And, I always put a lot of efforts in a gift because I care!

Do you take commissions?

Yes but I have to admit I don't push it all that much since I don't like to be told what to draw or paint. I prefer going with my feeling of the moment but if you really really want to commission me you'll find all the information you need here.

Commission Info by JoJiaMystie

Can I draw any of your characters?

Yes you are allowed to draw my characters if they inspire you as long as you credit me as the owner of the said character. Also, if you draw one of my characters, I would really appreciate you show it to me. I am always happy to see what my characters look like in someone else's style.

Can you make a tutorial?

It is not impossible I make a tutorial one day but for the moment it is not in my plans. Not because I don't want people to know my little tricks (If people need some advice note me and I'll gladly help you out) but because building up the whole tutorial thing would take much time I don't have right now.

Can I feature your artwork on my blog/somewhere out of DA?

Yes, as long as you give full credit back to me and do not use them for commercial purposes. And I'd love to be given a link.


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Where to start...

I'm sure you can guess that drawing is part of what I like doing :P I probably spend over 20 hours a week drawing if not more o_O And everytime I'm telling myself I should take a break I surprise myself holding a pen again.

I sing also. I used to work in a singing restaurant a few years ago. I did several concerts and still every once in a while I'm invited to go sing here and there but I mainly do it only for fun now. I love this freedom I have to sing just whenever I want knowing I don't have to do it only for others. It's the same for my art, I always do it for myself first.

I write A LOT but in French. I have nearly 4 novels completed already, at least 6 others on the way... I just don't have the guts I need to go out there and show the world what I'm made of LOL

As for the mediums I use for creating my artworks, my favorites will always remain pencils and pens but when I paint I use acrylic, oil or coffee.

My specialty is my strong and clear lineart. I've been drawing practically anything by the past from portraits to still life but since I discovered my style which I could maybe describe as an in between manga-anime and marvel-dc comics; tell me if you find a better word for it, I feel like I am really myself now and I love to express myself through it ;) I love drawing characters!

Lineart remains what I prefer doing and even if I'm using the digital media more to color them now, I still do my lines by hand. I don't think digital would ever replace that feeling of holding a pen and brushing it again a sheet of paper... Not to forget that I like to have the original between my hands when I'm done ^-^ I still color traditionally sometimes. I like the feeling there as well... I just hate my scanner when the pictures shows up on my screen afterwards. My scanner literally eats all my wonderful colors! I don't often post my traditionally colored works here for this reason.

I started to color digitally just a year and a half ago and I feel I am getting better with practice. I am still discovering new tips every day. I just got myself a tablet a few months ago. I had never tried it before and had no idea how it worked but I got used to it very quickly and I love it! It's much easier to use that for coloring all my digital stuff than using a very simple mouse like I used to do ;)

Aside from art, I'm a real Sailor Moon fan! I guess just by looking through me gallery you could guess that ;) I'm also a big fan of Zelda. Makes me think I really should do some fanarts of it. I also love playing the video games of course but I just don't have much time to play Nintendo anymore since I have a child :P It is no regret, my son is my greatest creation ever and always will remain ;) I love you sweetheart!

Ok, I think I've said enough for now so I'll just be leaving you with a few of my favorite quotes:

-Everything you can imagine is real! -Pablo Picasso

-Never stop dreaming, it has the power of keeping you eternally young!

-The only existing limits are the ones we create ourselves!

-I am not more intelligent than anyone. I am just more curious than most.

-When you need advice know who to ask for it. Always take advice from the wiser.

-You might as well be dead. Seriousely, if you always put limits on what you can do, physically or anything else, it'll spread over into the rest of your life. It'll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being.There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level.- Bruce-Lee

-Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow and it can crash. Be like water, my friend... -Bruce Lee

-Imagination is more important than knowledge. -Albert Einstein

-The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. - Albert Einstein

-If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales. -Albert Einstein

- À l’échelle cosmique, l’eau liquide est plus rare que l’or. -Hubert Reeves

-Dans quelques décennies, nous ne serons plus, mais nos atomes existeront toujours, poursuivant ailleurs l’élaboration du monde. -Hubert Reeves

-L'homme est un accident de parcours, dans un cosmos vide et froid. Il est un enfant du hasard. -Hubert Reeves

-Nous sommes tous des poussières d'étoiles. -Hubert Reeves

-While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die. -Leonardo da Vinci

-The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding. -Leonardo da Vinci

-Learning never exhausts the mind. -Leonardo da Vinci

Happy New Year

Tue Dec 31, 2013, 3:55 PM

2013 is going to be ending good for me! I'm currently putting a sinusitis K.O! Woohoo! I would like to thank the advils for helping me with the pain, hydrasense for cleansing those stupid sinuses and my million cups of green tea for comforting me! 

We are here relaxing a bit before we leave for my Dad's home where we will sagely celebrate the upcoming year... with vino! Yes my friends!

To everyone, I'm wishing you all the joy you can possibly have not only for 2014 but for all the years that are coming after. 

Have fun, celebrate but most of all, if you plan on going back home after the party be wise. Don't drink and drive. There are so many other solutions.

I'm going to conclude a way I don't often do

With love


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